Dear Friends and Family,

I recently created a personal online fundraising campaign to help the American Diabetes Association find a cure for diabetes and I am using my new CD and Recital Tour Fashion Sense: Songs in Recital to support this cause.

Your tax-deductible donation will make a difference to nearly 29 million Americans who have diabetes and another 86 million who are at risk for developing diabetes. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of those people living with diabetes and hopefully, one day, find a cure.  

My father, Dr. Robert Eckel, is a 2016 recipient of the Father of the Year Award.  

Singing for a Cause

I grew up with diabetes - not my own, but that of my father and my two brothers. My father hardly knew a time he wasn't fighting the disease, having been diagnosed with Type 1 at age 5 back in 1952. My brothers were diagnosed as pre-teens, also with Type 1. 

I am so proud to represent this cause with my voice. Through all the ups and downs, the progress of research in the field, as well as their own diligence in maintaining their disease, my dad and my brothers are a testament to fighting back in spite of tremendous hurdles. My father has dedicated his life to medicine and my brothers have dedicated their love of cycling to an all Type 1 cycling team.

And because of the work of the American Diabetes Association, we are able to continue fighting for the next generation.   I sing for them and for everyone affected with this disease. 

Dr. Robert H. Eckel (b. 1947)

Peter J. Eckel (b. 1982)

Clark J. Eckel (b. 1984)

You can make your donation online by simply clickinghere.  Whatever you can give will help tremendously in the fight against diabetes!

I greatly appreciate your support!

Kimberly Beasley, soprano

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